Makalu Base Camp trek

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Makalu Base Camp Trekking route lies in the area of Makalu Barun National Park and Conservation Area in the heart of Eastern Nepal. The main focal point of this trek is Makalu Barun National Park in Solukhumbhu and Sankhuwasabha district. The National Park is established in 1992. Makalu trekking is formerly a restricted trekking area, it extent five major ecological zones where the lush, tropical Arun Valley, dense forests or rhododendron and fir and alpine meadows can be found that lead to the mighty Barun glacier. Mount Makalu (8463m) the world’s fifth highest peak; Chamlang Himal and Barun Valley are the major jewels of this Trekking area. Makalu trekking region and Everest trekking region are close to each other. Makalu Base Camp Trekking is a challenging and an outstanding and the trek up to Makalu Base Camp Trip is one of the most remote and unfrequented trekking areas of Trekking in Nepal.

Having a wide range of altitudinal and climatic variations, the Makalu Barun area offers a remarkable and diverse habitat for a rich variety of flora and fauna. Plants of all major ecological zones: tropical, sub-tropical, temperate, alpine and sub-alpine are found here. The park is the home to a rich variety of wildlife also. The highlights of this rich natural paradise include beautiful mountains, pristine forest, and a wide variety of plants, animal life and the simple and warm hearted local people with rich and varied customs. The altitude climbs from the Arun Valley at only 435 meters above sea level to Makalu at 8463m at just 40 km. away from the valley.  The best time to schedule Makalu trekking is between September-November and March-May when the passes are less likely to be covered in snow. The Makalu trekking is another popular trekking destination in Nepal.

Nestled in the lower reaches of Barun and Arun valleys are communities of Rai, Limbu, Sherpa, and Shingsawa (Bhotia) farmers. Though economically poor and isolated, they retain a rich cultural heritage. They hold the key to the preservation of the unique biological and cultural treasures of the Makalu Barun area. The Makalu-Barun area is little known to most tourists due to its relative inaccessibility. But those few hundred trekkers and mountaineers who visit each year come away with an unforgettable experience.

Makalu Region trekking can be organized only of Camping trek and basic tea house trek. On a camping trek, Bonny Himalaya Trek arranges you to sleep in tents. Our staff includes a guide, cook, Sherpa and sufficient porters to carry all your trekking gear. Even if you have never camped before, there is no need to worry that you won’t enjoy the experience. The tents we provide are roomy, the sleeping pads/mattresses are comfortable and international style food of a high standard freshly prepared and served in the camp. On all of our camping treks, Bonny Himalaya Trek  manages a bathroom tent as well as a dining tent with tables and camp stools, providing a cozy, comfortable atmosphere to eat and chat with fellow trekkers during each evening.

  • Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu-Transfer to Hotel
  • Day 02:  Kathmandu Sightseeing and Trek Preparation
  • Day 03: Fly to Tumlingtar (518m), Trek to Khadbari (1025m)
  • Day 04: Trek from Khadbari to Chichila (1,800m)
  • Day 05: Trek from Chichile to Num (1,500m)
  • Day 06: Trek Num to Seduwa (1,493m)
  • Day 07: Trek Seduwa to Tashi Gaun (2,200m)
  • Day 08: Trek Tashi Gaun to Kahuma Danda (3,500m)
  • Day 09: Trek Kahuma Danda to Mumbuk (3,400m)
  • Day 10: Trek Mumbuk to Nehe Kharka (3,750m)
  • Day 11: Trek from Nehe Kharka to Sherson (4,600m)
  • Day 12: Free day at Sherson for a day excursion
  • Day 13: Trek Sherson to Yangri Kharka (3,645m)
  • Day 14: Trek from Yangri Kharka to Mumbuk (3,400m)
  • Day 15: Trek from Mumbuk to Kahuma Danda (3,500m)
  • Day 16: Trek from Kahuma Danda to Navagaun (2,500m) via Tashi Gaun
  • Day 17: Trek from Navagaun to Num via Seduwa
  • Day 18: Trek from Num to Chichile (1,800m)
  • Day 19: Trek from Chichile to Khadbari
  • Day 20: Trek from Khadbari to Tumlingtar (400m)
  • Day 21: Fly from Tumlingtar to Kathmandu
  • Day 22: Rest and Farewell Dinner in Kathmandu
  • Day 23: Final Departure to your port of Destination